ICT Facilities

The whole college campus is connected with Wi-Fi and off-load facilities.  Students can access internet in the classrooms, library, student residences, dinning as well as outdoor.

Currently, there is one computer lab with 40 desk tops mainly for computer classes. From July 2018, the college will create another lab. A room with computer facilities is open for general use of students but on an advance reservation basis. Students will be allotted time to use for certain period only so that everyone can use it. For those with their own laptops, students can use the student lounge where there will be good internet connectivity.

Considering the quantity and diversity of digital resources available in this era immersed in technology, the college underscores the high importance of using it for the potentials it has in the development of academic activities.

The college uses Google Classroom which has many facilities to help in the teaching learning process as well as keeping the students and teachers connected. The parents can also use it to get updates on their children using codes assigned to each student which will also be shared with the parents.