About Rigter LINK

  1. What is Rigter LINK?
    – It is another name for the Monday Morning Assembly.
  1. What do we do during Monday Morning Assembly?
    – Offer homage to God of Wisdom (so we learn and enrich ourselves with knowledge).
    – Sing National Anthem as an expression of our loyalty to the King, Country and People.
    – Give information through announcements.
    – Inspire and share ideas through talks and presentations.
  1. In this light, LINK signifies:
    – Link (which also means connect) with Wisdom and learning by singing the prayers of God of Wisdom.
    – Link with King, People and Country by singing National Anthem.
    – Link within the Rigter community and family by meeting once a week.
  1. In simple terms:
    L = Learn
    I= Inform
  1. But what do we Kindle? (Kindle also means ignite/keep alive)
    – Reverence to God of Wisdom.
    – Loyalty to our King, Country and People.
    – Network (bond) as a Rigter Family and Community.
    – Keenness to learn and grow.
  1. In brief:
Rigter LINK is a platform that provides opportunity to kindle our reverence to Jampelyang, loyalty to our King, Country and People, network and keenness to learn and grow.