Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This is a broad and inter-disciplinary program in business studies. It deals with knowledge and understanding of conceptual and applied aspects of management and business. It also helps to develop skills to adapt and respond to change, acquire skills in organizing, planning and presenting work independently and in groups. Besides these, students will be able to develop entrepreneurial skills for self-employment. This three-year-long program is expected to produce graduates with excellent skills in entrepreneurship and marketing, through activities including a continuous processes of proposal and report writing, surveys and individual and group presentations. Students will be exposed to business and industry through internships as a part of their course work during the third year of study.

The BBA provides a variety of career opportunities in the world of business and potentially in government, in such fields as accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, tourism and management information systems. Business skills learned in the program include accounting, marketing, preparation of business plans and proposals, human resources management, interpersonal communication and application of micro-economics theory. Employment opportunities for BBA graduates exist in public and private companies, corporations and government financial institutions, and internship opportunities in the BBA program will help students choose what is best for them.

Curriculum Map

Year Sem Modules for BBA
1 l MGT101
Business & its
ECO101 Microeconomics BMS101
ACS101 Academic Skills
ll BIM101 Introduction to Computers & Business Applications MGT102
Management Theory & Practices
BMS102 Business
BLT101 Foundation to Legal Framework DZG101 Dzongkha
2 I ACT202 Accounting for Managers -l HRM202 Organizational Behavior IBS301 International Business FIN201 Introduction to Corporate Finance & Financial Management 1st Required Major Module
II ACT203 Accounting for Managers – ll ECO202 Macroeconomics BLT202 Corporate Law BMS204 Quantitative Techniques 2nd Required Major Module
3 I MGT303 Fundamentals of Corporate Governance RES301 Research Methods in Business BIM303 Management Information Systems 3rd Required Major Module 1st Elective Related to Major
II 4th Required Major Module 2nd Elective Related to Major 2 General Electives Project Work on Major


Required Major Modules for BBA

BBA (Marketing) BBA (HRM) BBA (Entrepreneurship)
1. MKT201 Principles of Marketing 1. HRM201 Fundamentals of HRM 1. EDP201 Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship
2. MKT202 Consumer Behavior 2. HRM203 International HRM 2. EDP202 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3. MKT303 Sales Management 3. HRM204 Industrial Relations 3. EDP303 Entrepreneurial Finance
4. MKT306 International Marketing 4. HRM307 Staffing 4. EDP304 Entrepreneurial Marketing
5. MKT307 Services Marketing 5. HRM308 Compensation


Electives Related to Major for BBA

BBA (Marketing) BBA (HRM) BBA (Entrepreneurship)
1. MKT305 Product and Brand Management 1. HRM205 Negotiation 1. MKT202 Consumer Behavior
2. EDP303 Entrepreneurial Marketing 2. HRM309 International Management 2. BIM304 Fundamentals of e-Commerce
3. MKT304 Advertising Management 3. HRM206 Change Management
4. BIM304 Fundamentals of e-Commerce