BA in Political Science and Sociology

Broadly, the purpose and intention of the programme is to offer opportunities to the Bhutanese to pursue higher studies and enhance their education and opportunities in life. Specifically, the programme will prepare students to grow into practicing sociologists and political scientists.
The programme aims to equip graduates with critical and analytical skills and to make them creative human beings through a broad-based package of knowledge and skills that will prepare them for employment in a range of organizations including Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The three-year programme will provide a concrete foundation in Political Science and Sociology. On successful completion of the programme, a Political Science and Sociology graduate will be able to relate and evaluate fundamentals of social and political theories, social institutions, policies organizations and government systems.

Curriculum Map

Year Sem Modules
1 l SPT101 Introduction to Sociology SOS101 Cultural Anthropology SPT102  Introduction to Political Science PBT101 Political History of Bhutan APC101 IT Skills
ll SIS101 Family and Society SOS102 Social Psychology SPT103 Political Theory and Ideology PTH101 Classical Political Thought ACS101 Academic Skills
2 I AMT202 Foundation of Statistics SCP201 Social Change PTH202 Modern Political Thought PCP201 Comparative Government and Politics DZG101 Dzongkha Communication
II RSM301 Research Methods SPT204 Classical Social Theory PBT202 Government and Politics in Bhutan PWH201 World Political History SCP202 Political Economy
3 I SOS303 Crime and Deviance SPT305 Contemporary Social Theory RSM302 Undergraduate  Research PCP302 Contemporary World Politics SIS302 Civil Society Organizatione
II SCP303 Social Policy PPD307 Gender and Development PBT303 Administration  and Public Policy SOS305  Political sociology