Clubs and student Forums

The college encourages and supports students to form clubs and forums which will become a platform to interact, learn and grow. The student representatives will also be given opportunities to sit in the relevant college committees.

The highest student form is Rigter Students’ Voice. It is led by elected Student Presidents and elected student representatives. It is the apex platform where students discusses, debates and dialogues on a wide sphere of issues.  The student members of this forum are members to different committees of the college.

The Rigter Students’ Voice has a Faculty member as Advisor. This forum also organizes intellectual programmes such as debate, talk show, seminars, workshops, etc. engaging mainly students as participants.


Learner support
Internship: As per the programme structure, all the students pursuing BBA and B.Com will receive opportunities to work in organizations as interns. The College will facilitate the internship programme to ensure that students benefit the most out of this programme.

Engagements in research and consultancy: The College undertakes research and consultancy projects through participation in public tenders and submission of proactive proposals to organziations. Students will be engaged to carry out field work, conduct mini-literature reviews, data management, etc.

Working with community: In the environs of the college, there is a large community comprising mainly of farmers and few shopkeepers. The college will facilitate and create platform for students and community to meet and generate business ideas or expand on effective management of their existing businesses.
Tutorials: Respective faculty will coordinate tutorials in their modules to help students in their learning.