Faculty Profile at a Glance


Name Designation Education Experience
Karma Drukpa Dean of Academic Affairs – M.Com (Taxation) from Curtin University of Technology Australia

– Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Samtse College of Education

– Taught at Sherubtse College and Gaeddu College of Business Studies

– Served as Dean of Academic Affairs, Controller of Examinations and MBA Programme Leader at Gaeddu College of Business Studies

– Developed course pack on Law and Taxation

– Served as a Member of the Programme and Quality Committee (PQC) of RUB

Ugyen Thinlay Programme Leader for B.Com and Sr. Lecturer – MBA (Finance) from Webster University, Saint Louis, MO. USA – Taught at Royal Thimphu College

– SEO consultant (Domain Com Inc, USA)

– Human Resource and Administration (BPC, Bhutan)

– Documentation Officer (National Assembly Secretariat, Bhutan)

– Professional Tour Guide and Tour Leader in Bhutan since 2000)

Karma Wangchuk Programme Leader for BBA and Lecturer – MBA (Finance) from Gaeddu College of Business Studies – Worked as Manager, State Trading Corporation of Bhutan and Program Coordinator for Department of Youth and Sports, MoE.

– Taught Economics) in Dungsam Academy

– Research and publication

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Jhamb Professor – Ph.D – Taught for 44 years at SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi and Gaeddu College of Business Studies

– Authored two books in Accounting: Fundamentals of Management Accounting and Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

– Supervised twelve research candidates earning M. Phil Degree and supervised seven research candidates.

Karma Pedey  Professor
& Head, Innovation & Linkages

– M.Ed. Hons (ECCD) from University of New England (NSW, Australia

– MA English from Madras University (India)

– Post Graduate Certificate in Education from National Institute of Education (Samtse).

– Taught at Sherubtse College, Paro College of Education and Royal Institute for Health Science, Institute for Management Studies.

– Taught at University of New England, NSW, Australia.

– Worked as Chief Human Resource Officer, Office of the Vice Chancellor, RUB and Project Consultant for establishment of Norbuling Rigter College.

– Published over dozen research papers and is the author of Ta She Gha Chha: The Broken Saddle and Other Popular Bhutanese Beliefs.

Sourav Basu Sr. Lecturer  – MBA from West Bengal University of Technology; PG in HR and Employment Relations from University of Western Australia (UWA) – Taught at Royal Thimphu College for 4 years till 2016

– Guest Lecturer for Dept. of MBA & BBA at Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology and IERCEM Institute of Technology

– Worked as Marketing Officer, Erudite Educational Centre Pvt. Ltd

– His latest international publication is a peer reviewed research paper title “Digital Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges in Recent Times”

– He resourced symposiums on “Leadership & Management” organized by the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest,RGoB

– Engaged as a guest trainer for the Institute for Excellence and Development (i-ED) and the Institute for Learning Solutions (ILS) in Bhutan.

-He conducted numerous professional development trainings for educators as well as for industry professionals in Australia, Thailand, India, Bhutan and Nigeria.

-He has received the title of “World Icon of Peace” from the World Institute for Peace in Lagos, Nigeria.

-He is the recipient of the prestigious “100 Most Dedicated Professors” award.

Tshering Phuntsho Lecturer & Staff Advisor for Forum for Students’ Voice – MBA (Finance) from Gaeddu College of Business Studies – Taught Commerce at Kelki Higher Secondary School

– Worked as a Free-lance consultant (Finance)

Kinley Lecturer  – Masters in Dzongkha from Tango College of Buddhist Studies – Taught Dzongkha at Kune-Gaa HSS

– Worked as Administrative Officer, Dratshang

Jenny Alexander Lecturer and Convener of Examinations – MBA from Martin Luther Christian University (Shillong, India). – Taught at Pelkhil School (Thimphu). – Taught at Gaeddu College of Business for one semester through faculty exchange and attachment initiative.
Dr. Aaditya Pradhan Sr. Lecturer – Ph.D – Worked as a visiting faculty in the Department of Management at Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University, Sikkim and part-time teaching faculty at Accelerator Academy, Vision Academy and Smart Academy, Sikkim, India.

– Published several research papers.

Jamtsho Lecturer & Staff Secretary – MBA (Finance) from Gaeddu College of Business Studies – Worked as consultant for Construction Development Cooperation Limited (CDCL) and Assistant Accountant in a private tour agent.
Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma Professor – Ph.D -Taught in Dr J.M. College, BR Ambedkar Bihar University and headed the English Department.

– Taught in the College of Education, Nadira, Ibb University (Yemen) and  Hawassa University (Ethiopia).

-In Bhutan, he taught at Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan.

-Besides teaching English, he was also engaged as a member of the English curriculum Reform Committee in all the Colleges where he worked. 


Nishal Pradhan Lecturer – MCA (Software Engg.) from SRM University. -Conducted research on E-commerce in Bhutan.

-Worked with programming software related to design and implemented the project on e-commerce.

-Has rich experience in the field of software engineering, web designing, database, Android, Java. 

-Attended good number of training on app development, office automation, User-Interface and programming language.

-Participated in national level seminars during his masters studies.

Pramananda Dhital Lecturer -MA Economics -Conducted  research and wrote a paper titled “Socio- economic conditions of street vendors in gangtok, sikkim
Penjor Programme Leader for BA Dzongkha & English and Lecturer – PGDE from Paro College of Education

– Masters of Arts of Buddhist Studies from Tango University

– Worked as teacher for 7 years.

-Served as Dzongkha Resource Person for graduates appearing for RCSC.

-Head of Department for Dzongkha and Driglam Namzha Coordinator.

Dawa Yangdon Lecturer & Staff Advisor for Rigter Tshongrig – MBA (Finance) from Gaeddu College of Business Studies – Worked as an Associate Lecturer in Gedu College of Business Studies.

-Taught marketing majors (Sales Management and Consumer Behavior), Finance major (Banking Concepts) and Management modules (Business Environment and Growth and Change in Business) in the Business Department at the Royal Thimphu College from 2018 to June 2019.

Kuenzang Dorji Lecturer – Masters Degree in International Relations from South Asian University, (SAARC University), India. -His research is on the water management and hydro power projects in Bhutan.


Kezang Choden Programme Leader for BA Political Science & Sociology and Lecturer -Masters degree in Sociology from South Asian University (SAARC University), India. -Her research is on marriage and cultural changes.
Sonam Delkar Lecturer & Staff Advisory for The Crumb Club -Masters degree in Software System with distinction from Bharathair University in Tamil Nadu, India. -Worked for several private firms.

-The industry experience will help her to take learning outside the confines of the classroom and meaningfully engage students in their academics.

Priyanka Paul Lecturer -Master’s degree in English from The English and Foreign Languages University, India. -Presented her research papers in a number of national and international seminars in India.

-Worked as an Assistant Editor—ELT with Encyclopaedia Britannica India Pvt. Ltd (Indiannica Learning Pvt. Ltd.), India.

-She has worked with Indian Institute of Mass Communication, India as a Research Associate on the project, ‘Capacity Building in Communicating Science and Biosafety’.

-Has the experience of working as a travel writer (trainee) with Srishti Publications Pvt. Ltd., India.

-Worked as an English Teacher and Conversation Partner with Lha Charitable Trust, India.

Pema Tshering

Lecturer & Cultural Staff Advisor -Master Degree from Tango Buddhist College. – He started his teaching profession as a high school teacher from 2007 to 2015

-Worked as a lecturer in Gedu Business College (GBS) form 2019-2019

-He carries a research paper in his name and has a keen interest in bringing research to enrich his teaching.

-Currently, he is earnestly working on his new research titled:  “Source and Origin of Dzongkha Language.”

Lal Bahadur Chhetri

Lecturer -Master Degree in Business Administration with dual specialization in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management form University of North Bengal, India. -He has a research paper in his name titled “Gap Analysis for Amul in Retail market of Siliguri and its surrounding through Retail Census”.

-Worked as a Sales Executive in Head quarter of Titan Company Limited in Bangalore, India

Yeshi Samdrup

Lecturer -Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Sociology from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan
-Master Degree in Development Practice from College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan
Conducted Research on:

‘Relationship of Tsamdro Management Activities as a Source of Livelihood to the Herders’ & ‘Impact of Post-Harvest Training on Farmers in Lhuntse, Mongar, Trashigang and Trashiyangtse Dzongkhags’.

Phuntsho Tashi

Lecturer -BSc. Mathematics & Physics from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan
-Masters in MSc. Applied Mathematics from the South Asian University (SAARC University) New Delhi, India
– Having worked on the research titled, “Characteristics of Common Edge Si-graph,” the experience  in combination with this academic credential will  profoundly contribute to the academic and personal growth of the students at NRC.

Passang Lhamo

Lecturer -BA in Political Science and Sociology from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan.
– Masters in Sociology from the South Asian University (SAARC University) New Delhi, India.
-Conducted research on the topic “Modernity and the Patrons of Drayang.”

Dawa Norbu

Lecturer -BA in Political Science and Sociology from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan.
-MA in International Relation from the South Asian University (SAARC University) New Delhi, India.
-Conducted a research on “Sino-Bhutan Relationship: Examining the Calls for Greater Engagement.”

Thinley Namgay

Lecturer -Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and English from Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan. -Taught English at Sakon Nakhon Technical College in Thailand for two years.

Dago Palden

Senior Lecturer -B.Ed from Paro College of Education.
-M.A in Communicative English from the Institute of International studies, Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand.
-10 years of teaching experience having worked as a teacher.
-4 years as a lecturer at Royal Thimphu College.
-While in Thailand, she also taught communication skills to the JICA volunteers to Bhutan at Thammasat University, Bangkok.
-Published two papers titled:
a) How teacher Misbehaviour Affect Teacher Credibility and
b) Tourism in Bhutan: An analysis of the ‘High Impact, Low volume’ Policy.